Product Features:

  • REBEL Double Lanyard is a certified lanyard that has a maximum weight of 100kg – 120kg.
  • This lanyard MUST be connected above the users shoulders to an anchor point which is designed to withstand a minimum of 15kN.
  • Total length of lanyard is 3.5m (1.75m lanyard + 1.75m absorber) when fully deployed.
  • We recommend connecting to an anchor point that is above the user where possible (as opposed to waist height or below), in order to limit the amount of free fall that would occur if the user fell.
  • This is a basic lanyard only.
  • Polyester lanyard
  • Polyester energy absorber protected by a thermoplastic sheath
  • 30mm wide Polyester webbing
  • Bright coloured webbing to make it easier to differentiate the lanyard from the harness
  • 55mm opening steel hook with automatic locking gate device and safety catch
  • LANYARD 75 m double lanyard attached to shock absorber
  • SCAFFOLD HOOKS Large opening hook for easy connections to larger anchorage points
  • SHOCK ABSORBER Does not allow forces over 6kN on the user
  • CARABINER Screw gate carabiner with automatic closing function. Connects the lanyard to the harness.
  • BLACK LINING Double reinforced to reduce wear and tear at tension points


  • Basic fall arrest only. NB! Not to be used for work positioning, rope access or rescue