Product Features:

  • Eargear reusable corded earplugs are high quality non-toxic, comfortable, non-allergic, self-adjusting durable foam Earplugs. Eargear earplugs are triple flanged to ensure optimal protection as specified by SNR28 and NRR 24 to different-sized ear canals. Eargear reusable corded earplugs can be cleaned using washing soap and water.
  • Non-toxic, durable silicon rubber, with rigid plastic inner dowel to assist with fitting
  • Soft inter-woven string, 60cm long
  • EN352-2:2002
  • SNR28 (single number rating), NRR 24 (noise reduction rating)
  • Triple flanged design to ensure a snug and optimal fit to protect different size ear canals.
  • Rigid inner dowel to assist with fitting
  • Can be cleaned by washing with soap and water


  • SNR 28 rating. Do not use where noise levels exceed 110 dB.
  • Improper fitting will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss.
  • Keep away from infants and children. The earplugs are non-toxic, but may interfere with breathing if stuck in a windpipe